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The Amp is a two-seat electric Special Light-Sport Aircraft (SLSA).  The design is for a super quiet (<65 dBa), comfortable, safe, efficient and green aircraft. We are making this possible by combining the new battery technology with the latest aircraft innovations.

Many Different Uses

The Amp is designed to fit in many different aspects of flying, some of which include:

  • Flight training – the Amp is an excellent training platform, providing over an hour of takeoffs and landings with time left to spare before needing to re-charge.
  • Leisure flight – take your Amp for a flight to another local airport and not go broke in the process.  With direct operating costs less than $10/hr*, the term “Hundred-dollar hamburger” will soon be a forgotten joke of the past.
  • Noise-sensitive flight operations –  with the whispering-quiet propeller, the airplane can be used in noise-sensitive areas without too much impact on wild life.
  • Remote operations – with optional solar-powered remote charging equipment, there’s no more need to supply fuel, or even electricity to the aircraft’s home base**.

* Based on current US electricity rates, the current battery costs, and the average flight of 50 hours a year or less.
** Will require a minimum of 4 hours of sunshine per day to operate.

A New Definition Of Comfort

The Amp has a 46-inch wide cockpit, along with an extremely quiet environment, comparable to that of a car.  No more need for headsets!

A Truly Remarkable Airframe Design


The Amp features a super-light composite airframe, which is built from a special new type of carbon fabric.  The advancements in the carbon composite technologies has allowed us to create a super light, yet super strong airplane.

Prior to now, most airframes have been designed to fit the needs of the gas-powered engines.  Alternair’s approach to the airframe design was to maximize the performance for the least amount of energy spent.  Our airframe has the maximum L/D at a slightly higher speed of 75 knots, and is capable of up to a 90-knot cruise in the nominal power setting range.  However, the airplane still has the low-speed handling characteristics similar to most modern gas-powered LSAs.

Next Generation of Advanced Systems

The Amp has a new feature never seen before on small General Aviation airplanes – an Aircraft Health Management (AHM).  This new feature is allowing us to help you, the operator, better understand what is going on with your airplane.  The AHM is also one of the reasons why we are able to offer a 5-year limited warranty at no extra cost (restrictions apply).

Price and Warranty:

Standard price: $129,000.
Standard warranty: 5-year limited; Includes 5 free annual inspections, with supplemental coverage for normal wear and tear.




Length20' (6 m)
Height7' 9" (2.36 m)
Wing span32' (9.75 m)
Cabin width46" (1.17 m)
Propeller74" diameter, rated 1,600 RPM maximum

Weight, Power and Energy Storage Data:

Maximum takeoff weight1320 lbs (600 kg)
Empty weight (including battery packs)840 lbs (380 kg)
Useful load480 lbs (220 kg)
Motor35 kW, Hallbach array brushless AC
Energy storageFirewall forward - 1 x 17 kWh pack
Wings - 2 x 8.5 kWh packs
Energy storage typeLiFePO4, rated for 2000 hour/charge cycles maximum (whichever comes first)

Flight Performance:

* - Limitation set by the electric components, not the aircraft performance.
Vne135 kts (250 km/h)
Vno110 kts (200 km/h)
Vc, max (14 kW)90 kts (167 km/h)
Vc, nom. (11 kW)80 kts (148 km/h)
Vc, econ. (10 kW)75 kts (140 km/h)
Vs145 kts (83 km/h)
Vs039 kts (72 km/h)
Vx59 kts (109 km/h)
Vy65 kts (120 km/h)
Maximum ceiling15,000*
Takeoff run800 ft
Landing run600 ft
Range200 NM
Maximum endurance (traffic pattern)1.5 hours + 30-minute reserve
Maximum endurance (cruise)2.5 hours + 30-minute reserve

Standard Equipment:

Primary Power InstrumentsPropeller RPM
Power (W, x1000)
Energy remaining (kWh)
Flight InstrumentsAirspeed indicator
Magnetic compass
Attitude indicator
Vertical speed indicator
AvionicsDynon PFD
Aircraft Health Management (AHM)
Comm radio
Electrical SystemsBattery packs, equipped with non-resettable fuses (34 kWh total)
Electric load management system
Push-reset circuit breakers
Battery management system (BMS)
CHAdeMO-compatible charging system
Electric Propulsion SystemLaunchpoint Technologies 30 kW Hallbach array AC motor and two programmable controllers
Mechanical SystemsDual stick controls
Dual hydraulic brakes
Differential braking steering
Mechanical flaps
Safety SystemsBallistic recovery system (BRS)
AccessoriesPortable AC charger/converter (110-240VAC compatible)

Optional Equipment:

Portable solar charging portInfo available soon
Internal lightingFor operations other than Sport Pilot.
External lightingPosition and navigation light combo. LED.
Mode S transponder

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